Joel Kumove, M.Ed, (C)OHS, CCRC, RRP, FVE is a leading vocational rehabilitation expert in Canada, with extensive experience with a diverse clientele.

He works in English, French and Spanish.Joel helps clients with a range of conditions including brain injury, spinal cord injury, soft-tissue injury and psychological adjustment difficulties to plan and implement return to work strategies.  His expertise has been recognized in the court system.  His opinions have been given serious consideration by Justice Brockenshire in Walker v. Ritchie (Sarnia, Ontario), by Justice Glass in Gordon & Morrison v. Ford Credit  & Greig (Barrie, Ontario), Justice Henderson in Davies v. Jenkin (Hamilton, Ontario), Justice Lax in Snushell v. Fulsang (Toronto), and Justice Trafford in Landeta v. Toronto Area Transit (Toronto).  

Joel Kumove is a proud supporter of PROJIMO, a rehabilitation centre run by and for disabled persons in Mexico 

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